Julia Heinze

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1978 in Munich, Germany
Munich, Germany
168 cm
2000 - 2003 Neue Schauspielschule Ali Wunsch-König
2007 nominated for the Undine Award in the Category Best Youth Alongside Actress for her role in the Feature Film Shoppen
English fluent | French good
Alto | Contralto
Yoga teacher | Fencing | Horse Riding | Skiing | Diving
Balet | Ballroom Dancing

Film Selection

Der Andere | HFF Munich University Diploma | Director Lukas Baier
Schwiegereltern im Busch | SAT.1 TV Movie | Director Peter Gersina
Frankentatort - Ein Tag wie jeder andere | ARD TV Movie | Director Sebastian Marka
Landkrimi - Das letzte Problem | ORF Arte TV Series | Director Karl Markovics
Der Polizist und das Mädchen | ZDF TV Movie | Director Rainer Kaufmann
Die Abfahrt | Short Film | Director Johanna Thalmann
Invention of Trust | HFF München | Medium-Length Film | Director Alex Schaad
Winner of the Max Ophüls Award 2016 and Winner of the Student Academy Award 2016
Die Rosenheim-Cops | ZDF TV Series | Director Werner Siebert
SOKO Donau Wien - Der dritte Mann | ORF ZDF TV Series | Director Holger Barthel
Heldt - Ein König, zwei Damen | ZDF TV Series | Director Olaf Kreinsen
Lena Lorenz - Willkommen im Leben | ZDF TV Movie | Director Michael Kreindl
Wir sind die Neuen | Feature Film | Director Ralf Westhoff
Monaco 110 - Einstand | ARD TV Series | Director Wilhelm Engelhardt
Hubert und Staller - Die Schöne und das Biest | ARD TV Series | Director Wilhelm Engelhardt
SOKO 5113 - Zurück ins Leben | ZDF TV Series | Director Philipp Osthus
2009 - 2012
Um Himmels Willen | ARD TV Series | Leading Part | Director Ulrich König, Karsten Wichniarz & Andi Niessner
SOKO Kitzbühel - Ein fast perfekter Mord | ZDF TV Series | Director Georg Schneemann
München 7 - Deeskalation | ARD TV Series | Director Franz Xaver Bogner
Monaco 110 | Pilot | ARD TV Series | Director Wilhelm Engelhardt
Weißblaue Geschichten - Ein Haus zum Verlieben | ZDF TV Series | Director Werner Siebert
SOKO 5113 - Tod eines Hochzeitsplaners | ZDF TV Series | Director Bodo Schwarz
Mord in bester Gesellschaft - Das Ende vom Lied | ARD TV Series | Director Hans Werner
Lieben allein | Short Film | Director Mariko Minoguchi
Zu viele Musen | Short Film | Director Jochen Schmidt-Hambrock
Die Rosenheim-Cops - 2 Episodes | ZDF TV Series | Director Gunter Krää
Um Himmels Willen - Mission unmöglich | ARD TV Movie | Director Ulrich König
SOKO Kitzbühel - Fun-Park | ZDF TV Series | Director Olaf Kreisen
Um Himmels Willen - Weihnachten unter Palmen | ARD TV Movie | Director Ulrich König
Dr. Hope - Eine Frau gibt nicht auf | ZDF TV Movie | Director Martin Enlen
4 Singles | RTL TV Movie | Director Olaf Kreinsen
Der Bergdoktor - Nur ein Haus | ZDF TV Series | Director Axel de Roche
Alle meine Lieben | ARD TV Movie | Director Olaf Kreinsen
Das Sardonische Lächeln | Feature Film | Director Thilo Koch
SOKO 5113 - Tod auf Zehenspitzen | ZDF TV Series | Director Werner Siebert
Die unglaublichsten Geschichten - Der Zehn-Euro-Schein | RTL TV Series | Director Matthias Kessler
Liesl Karlstadt und Karl Valentin | ZDF TV Movie | Director Jo Baier
Patchwork | ARD TV Movie | Director Franziska Buch
Herzschmerz | Short Film | Director Marian Meidel
Die Rosenheim-Cops - Zu viel Geld, wenig Leben | ZDF TV Series | Director Gunter Krää
Um Himmels Willen - Mordgelüste | ARD TV Series | Director Ulrich König
Shoppen | Feature Film | Director Ralf Westhoff
SOKO Wismar - Blind Date | ZDF TV Series | Director Nils Wilbrandt
Die Brücke | Short Film | HFF München | Director Philip Koch
Der Abschied | Short Film | HFF München | Director Bartosz Grudziecki
Tatort - Vorstadtballade | ARD TV Movie | Director Martin Enlen
Apollonia | BR TV Movie | Director Bernd Fischerauer
Liebe lieber ungewöhnlich | Feature Film | Director Florian Werner-Zilch
Forsthaus Falkenau - Schlechter Scherz | ZDF TV Series | Director Andreas Dorst
Geliebte Heimat | Short Film | Director Florian Reichart

Stage Selection

2007 - 2010
Der Watzmann ruft | Lustspielhaus München | Director Manfred O. Tauchen & Ruth Lederle
Frankenstein - aus dem Leben der Angestellten | Pathos Transport Theater München | Director Elisabeth Wasserscheid
Schneewittchen | Teamtheater München | Director Erica Prahl

Julia Heinze is a native of Munich.  This is where she was born and where she finished her high school as well as dance education and where she graduated from acting school.  Munich is also the place where she first performed at various theater venues.  In 2004 it was Bernd Fischerauer who offered her the lead role in the two-part BR TV film APOLLONIA.  In it she plays a Tyrolean miller’s daughter who is forced to come to terms with the harsh realities of the alpine world and the brutal life at the beginning of the 20th century.  APOLLONIA became a huge success and consequently aired several times.  In 2005, the then unknown director Ralf Westhoff offered her a part in his first big screener called SHOPPEN.  In it Julia Heinze plays a speed dating participant who babbles away at her partners in the most eloquent of manners.  Up to this day Julia Heinze gets stopped in the street by passersby who vividly remember her performance in that wonderful film.  In 2007 she eventually received a best-actress nomination for her role Jasmin at the Undine Award.  Also in 2007, she took the chance to present her native Munich dialect in the role of Bertl in the story of LIESL KARLSTADT UND KARL VALENTIN which was helmed by Jo Baier.  Yet another milestone experience for Julia Heinze was to play the novice Maria in the tremendously successful TV series UM HIMMELS WILLEN in which she acted for three seasons and thus became well-known to the German audience.  Julia Heinze is graceful and tender, but don’t be fooled: „I know no fear unless I get scared“ (by Karl Valentin, Bavarian folk poet).

Julia Heinze at the Hofer Filmtage in the movie Holy Moms

Wednesday 24. October 2018 at 8:00 pm
Saturday 27. October 2018 at 12:15 pm
Sunday 28. October 2018 at 11:30 pm

Director Johanna Thalmann