Martin Halm

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1961 in Munich, Germany
Munich, Germany
Berlin | Hamburg
175 cm
Dark Brown
Otto-Falkenberg-Schule Munich | Mrs. von Kalben (theater)
UCLA | University of California | LA (film)
M.K. Lewis (camera technique)
Cherie Franklin (scene work)
English fluent | Italian basic
Bavarian native | Munich dialect
Voice Training with Steven Memel
Golf | Horseback Riding | Sailing | Skiing | Surfing | Diving |
Piano | Guitar
Car | Motorbike | Aviator | Glider Pilot

Film Selection

SOKO Wismar - Am falschen Ort | ZDF TV Series | Director Oren Schmuckler
Die Rosenheim-Cops – Tot im Schrott | ZDF TV Series | Director Tanja Roitzheim
Lena Lorenz - Pannama & Ko | ZDF TV Series | Director Sophie Allet-Coche
Die Toten von Salzburg - Königsmord | ORF ZDF TV Movie | Director Erhard Riedlsperger
Hubert und Staller - Alles wird gut | ARD TV Series | Director Philipp Osthus
Soko Stuttgart - Blutsaugertod | ZDF TV Serie | Director Daniel Helfer
Um Himmels Willen | ARD TV Series | Director Helmut Metzger
Soko Kitzbühel | ORF ZDF TV Series | Director Martin Kinkel
Kleine Ziege, sturer Bock | Feature Film | Director Johannes Fabrick
Soko 5113 - Die letzten Dinge | ZDF TV Series | Director Matthias Kiefersauer
Rosenheim Cops - Ein Schnaps und eine Leiche | ZDF TV Series |
Director Walter Bannert
Der Alte - Des Todes kalter Finger | ZDF TV Series | Director Raoul W. Heimrich
Soko 5113 - Große Jungs | ZDF TV Series | Director Philipp Osthus
Der Alte - Blinder Hass | ZDF TV Series | Director Michael Kreindl
Herzflimmern | ZDF TV Series | Director Daniel Anderson u.a.
Inga Lindström - Zwei Ärzte und die Liebe | ZDF TV Movie | Director Peter Weissflog
Der Alte - Rettungslos | ZDF TV Series | Director Michael Schneider
Soko 5113 - Wer hat Angst vorm schwarzen Mann | ZDF TV Series | Director Sebastian Sorger
Liebe, Babies und ein großes Herz | ZDF TV Movie | Director John Delbridge
Wind über der See | ZDF TV Movie Rosamunde Pilcher | Director Thomas Herrmann
Die Alpenklinik | ARD TV Movie | Director Udo Witte
Das zweite Leben | BR TV Movie | Director Florian Gärtner
Alles außer Sex | ProSieben TV Series 4 episodes | Director Matthias Steurer
Die Rosenheim Cops - Der Wolf im Schafspelz | ZDF TV Series |
Director Rainer Gutjahr
Ode an die Freude | Feature Film | Director Masanobu Deme
Der Judas von Tirol | BR TV Movie | Director Werner Asam
Mensch Mutter | ARD TV Movie | Director Florian Gärtner
2002 - 2005
Hallo Robbie! | ZDF TV Series 8 episodes | Director Christoph Klinker u.a.
Edel & Starck | SAT.1 TV Series 2 episodes | Director Jakob Schäuffelen
Alphateam | SAT.1 TV Series | Director Norbert Schulze jr.
Küste der Träume | ZDF TV Movie Rosamunde Pilcher / Director Dieter Kehler
Drehkreuz Airport | ZDF TV Series | Director Dieter Schlotterbeck
Die Kommissarin - Das Mädchen im Wald | ZDF TV Series | Director Rolf Liccini
Klinik unter Palmen | ARD TV 3-Episode Series | Director Otto W. Retzer
Wolffs Revier - Tanz mit dem Teufel | SAT.1 TV Series | Director Michael Mackenroth
Ein Fall für Zwei - Hassliebe | ZDF TV Series | Director Claus Theo Gärtner
Maitre Da Costa - Les violons de la calamnie | France2 TV Series |
Director Jean-Luis Bertucelli
Der letzte Zeuge - Unter die Haut | ZDF TV Series | Director Bernhard Stephan
1998 - 1999
In aller Freundschaft | ARD TV Series 16 episodes | Director Bernhard Stephan u.a.
Im Namen des Gesetzes - Standgericht | RTL TV Series | Director Uli Möller
Zwei Brüder - Tödliche Träume | ZDF TV Series | Director Karin Hercher
Wolffs Revier - Damendoppel | SAT.1 TV Series | Director Michael Mackenroth
Ein Mord für Quandt - Geld ist geil | SAT.1 TV Series | Director Michael Steinke
Der Kapitän - Die letzte Fahrt der MS Cartagena | ZDF TV Series |
Director Thomas Jacob
Das Traumschiff - St. Lucia | ZDF TV Series | Director Michael Steinke
Die Wache - Diamantenfieber | RTL TV Series | Director Christoph Klünker
1995 - 1996
Für alle Fälle Stephanie | SAT.1 TV Series 23 episodes | Director Werner Masten u.a.
Alle meine Töchter | ZDF TV Series 4 episodes | Director Wolfgang Hübner
Polizeiruf 110 - Samstag, wenn Krieg ist | ARD TV Movie |
Director Roland Suso Richter
Tödliche Hochzeit | ZDF TV Movie | Director Martin Enlen
Destins sans frontière | France1 ARD TV Series | Director Pierre Sisser
Der Fotograf oder Das Auge Gottes | ZDF Film | Regie Claus Peter Witt
Mit dem Herzen einer Mutter | ZDF TV Movie | Director Franz Josef Gottlieb
Tatort - Schimanskis Waffe | ARD WDR TV Movie | Director Hans Noever
Keine Gondel für die Leiche | ZDF TV Movie | Director Franz Josef Gottlieb
1987 - 1989
Waldhaus | ZDF TV Series 18 episodes | Director Sigi Rothemund u.a.
Die Schwarzwaldklinik - Der Kunstfehler | ZDF TV Series | Director Alfred Vohrer
Es muss nicht immer Mord sein | Series two episodes | Director Kai Borsche
Der Fall Mauritius | ZDF TV Miniseries 5 episodes | Director Theodor Kotulla
Am Südhang | ARD TV Movie | Director Michael Verhoeven
Der Tatort - Der gelbe Unterrock | ARD TV Movie | Director Christian Kühn
Ernesto | Feature Film | Director Salvatore Samperi

Stage Selection

Der kleine Prinz (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry) | Role The Pilot | Hofspielhaus Munich | Director Sascha Fersch

Martin Halm was born (1961) and raised in Munich.  When listening to him speak though, you won’t make out any regional or local dialect in his articulate diction which is carried by his signature, gentle voice. Early on in his childhood, Martin Halm began gathering experience in acting and went on to be trained in that profession in both Germany and stateside where he attended the University of California.  It was also the latter where he majored in film studies and acquired his fluency in English.  He started his career playing the lead in an Italian film for the big screen, ERNESTO, which was helmed by Salvatore Samperi.  The German audience came to experience him playing the lead of a 19 year old opposite Heinz Bennent in the suspenseful TV mini-series called DER FALL MAURITIUS which aired on ZDF network.  Ratings went through the roof and Martin Halm became famous overnight.  He then worked with prestigious directors like Michael Verhoeven, Sigi Rothemund, Martin Enlen, Roland Suso Richter, Michael Steinke, Florian Gärtner, Matthias Steurer, Uli Moeller to name but a few. The genres of the films he was first cast in were very much in the direction of drama and crime. The mid-nineties brought a lot of TV series that mainly focused on family entertainment and Martin Halm was right at the center of it when he became a series-regular on the popular SAT1 show FÜR ALLE FÄLLE  STEFANIE.  Martin Halm is a confident actor with many facets.  Looking at his latest headshots will truly spark your imagination.  He can be the charismatic leader of a group, he can be the family man, the criminal investigator, the musician or the conductor, the mediterranean gigolo or mafioso, the Jew or the Arab.  You name it