Ursula Buschhorn

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1969 in California USA
grew up in Munich, Germany
German | American
Munich, Germany
172 cm
Dark blonde
University for Music and Art Stuttgart
2003 Actress Award for "Kunstgriff"
Festival Internacional de Filmes de Barcalona
English fluent | Italian basic
Bavarian native
Skiing | Horse Riding | Sailing

Film Selection

Soko Linz - Tödliche Bootstour | ORF + ZDF TV Series | Director Martin Kinkel
Watzmann ermittelt - Verbissen | ARD TV Series | Director John Delbridge
Soko Köln - Just Married | ZDF TV Series | Director Ulrike Hamacher
Inga Lindström - Liebe vergeht nicht | ZDF Movie | Director Oliver Diekmann
Rosenheim Cops - Kleine Brötchen | ZDF TV Series | Director Daniel Drechsel-Grau
Bettys Diagnose - Schöne Bescherung | ZDF TV Series | Director Seyhan Derin
Soko München - Die letzte Hexe | ZDF TV Series | Director Michel Guillaume
Dream by the Sea | Short Film | Director Maxine Julie Paatzsch
2015 - 2016
Familie Dr. Kleist | ARD TV Series | Leading Part | Directors Stefan Bühling and Jan Bauer
Das Schweigen der Männer | ZD TV Movie | Director Sigi Rothemund
Die Chefin - Zivilcourage | ZDF TV Series | Director Florian Kern
Die Lehrer - Philipp & Jakob | RTL TV Movie | Director Peter Gersina
Die Bergretter - Zwei Gesichter | ZDF TV Movie | Director Dirk Pientka
SOKO 5113 - Die schwarze Acht | ZDF TV Series | Director Bodo Schwarz
Hammer & Sichl - Kundenfriedhof | ARD TV Series | Director Oliver Mielke
Rosenheim Cops - Das mysteriöse Geräusch | ZDF TV Series | Director Holger Barthel
Soko Kitzbühel - Alte Wunden | ORF ZDF TV Series | Director Mike Zens
Der Staatsanwalt - Hackordnung | ZDF TV Movie | Director Martin Kinkel
2011 - 2012
Familie Dr. Kleist | ARD TV Series Leading Part | Directors Donald Kraemer, Heidi Kranz and Esther Wenger
Das Traumschiff - Kambodscha | ZDF TV Movie | Director Hans-Jürgen Tögel
Der letzte Bulle - Ein echter Held | Sat.1 TV Series | Director Sebastian Vigg
2008 - 2010
Unser Charly | ZDF TV Series | Leading Part | Directors Axel Hannemann and others
Hotel Meina | Italian Movie | Director Carlo Lizzani
Soko Köln - Der Pianist | ZDF TV Series | Director Alexander Sascha Thiel
Kreuzfahrt ins Glück - Hochzeitsreise nach Arizona | ZDF Film | Regie Hans-Jürgen Tögel
2005 - 2007
Stadt Land Mord! | Sat.1 TV Series Leading Part | Director Dennis Satin
Im Tal der wilden Rosen - Triumph der Liebe | ZDF TV Movie | Director Oliver Dommenget
Vaterherz | ARD TV Movie | Director Gabi Kubach
Die Stimme des Herzens | ZDF TV Movie | Director Marco Serafini
Im Himmel schreibt man Liebe anders | ZDF TV Movie | Director Helmut Förnbacher
Auf den Spuren der Vergangenheit | ARD TV Movie | Director Sharon von Wietersheim
Das Traumschiff - Samoa | ZDF TV Movie | Director Michael Steinke
Der See der Träume | ARD TV Movie | Director Wolf Gremm
Die Farben der Liebe | ARD TV Movie | Director Zoltan Spirandelli
Die Nacht davor | Cinema Short Film | Director Niels Sandvik
Die Rosenheim-Cops - Ein toter fällt vom Himmel | ZDF TV Series | Director Stefan Klisch
Paradies in den Bergen | ARD ORF TV Movie | Director Hartmut Griesmayr
Alarm für Cobra 11- Die Autobahnpolizei - Abschied | RTL TV Series | Director Carmen Kurz
Edel & Starck - ein unmoralisches Angebot | Sat.1 TV Series | Director Bernhard Stephan
Ein himmlisches Weihnachtsgeschenk | ARD TV Movie | Director Karin Hercher
Ich leih dir meinen Mann | ARD TV Movie | Director Gabi Kubach
Kunstgriff | Short Film | Director Andre F. Nebe
Nicht ohne meinen Anwalt | ZDF TV Series | Directors Bernhard Stephan | Werner Masten
Pfarrer Braun - das Skelett in den Dünen | ARD TV Movie | Director Martin Gies
Pfarrer Braun - der siebte Tempel | ARD TV Movie | Director Martin Gies
Der Verehrer | ZDF TV Movie | Director Dagmar Damek
Mein Partner auf vier Pfoten | ARD TV Series | Director Antonio Bonifacio
Sieben Tage im Paradies | ARD TV Movie | Director Dietmar Klein
1999 - 2000
Küstenwache | ZDF TV Series | Leading Part | Directos Lou Binder, Carl Lang and
Dirk Regel
Das Mädchen aus der Torte | ARD ORF TV Movie | Director Peter Weck
Siska - Hart am Abgrund | ZDF TV Series | Director Hans-Jürgen Tögel
Wilder Kaiser | ZDF TV Series | Director Marco Serafini
Ein Starkes Team - Braunauge | ZDF TV Series | Director Jakob Schäuffelen
Jets- leben am Limit | Pro 7 TV Series | Directors Klaus Witting, Stefan Klisch and Michael Kennedy
Priester im Einsatz - due Madri | Rai 1 TV Series | Director Ludovico Gasparini
Rückkehr ins Paradies | ZDF TV Movie | Director Dieter Kehler
Have a great Day | Diplomfilm | Director Caroline Thummes
Herzflimmern | ZDF TV Movie | Director Dieter Kehler
Die drei Mädels von der Tankstelle | Feature Film | Director Peter F. Bringmann
Es geschah am helllichten Tag | ARD TV Movie | Director Nico Hofmann
Schwurgericht - Unschuldig verbrannt | ZDF TV Series | Director Detlef Rönfeldt
1994 - 1996
Alle meine Töchter | ZDF TV Series | Leading Part | Directors Wolfgang Hübner and Claus Peter Witt
Inseln unter dem Wind | ZDF TV Series | Director Marco Serafini
Mit verbundenen Augen | RTL TV Movie | Director Marijan David Vajda
Blutige Spur | RTL TV Movie | Director Carlo Rola

Stage Selection

2020 - 2022
Mein Blind Date mit dem Leben | a.gon München Tourneetheater | Director Johannes Pfeifer
2020 - 2022
Love Letters | a.gon München Tourneetheater | Director Stefan Zimmermann
2019 - 2022
Nathalie küsst | Role Nathalie | Tournee a.gon Theater | Director Stefan Zimmermann
2016 - 2019
Ein brillianter Mord | Role Olivia Chappell | Theater a.gon Tour | Director Stefan Zimmermann
2014 - 2015
Der große Gatsby | Role Daisy | Theater Kempf Tour | Director Silvia Armbruster
Eine Familie | Role Karen | Vereinigte Bühnen Bozen | Director Monika Steil
Seit 1993
Frankfurter Schauspielhaus
Staatstheater Wuppertal
Wilhelma Theater Stuttgart

Ursula Buschhorn was born in Palo Alto, CA in 1969.  Her father is a scientist and so the family got to travel frequently. Before the family moved back to Europe Ursula Buschhorn attended 4th and 5th grade at a Palo Alto elementary school. Her proficiency in spoken English is a result of that time. She graduated from German High School in Munich and went on to go to state drama school in Stuttgart from 1989 to 1993. Her graduation performance was Leonora d’Este in Goethe’s Torquato Tasso. After drama school she played in several productions at Stuttgart’s Wilhelma Theater. After the premieres of Festung in Frankfurt and Beyond the Horizon in Wuppertal (both under the direction of Rainald Götz), Ursula Buschhorn started her film career in 1994 playing a series regular for two consecutive years as Anna Sanwaldt, one of the main character’s daughters, on the highly successful TV series Alle meine Töchter. This was followed by more TV and film roles, among them leading characters in Blutige Spur (Director Carlo Rola), Mit verbundenen Augen (Director Marjan Vajda), Stadt Land Mord (a crime series directed by Dennis Satin), Vaterherz (Director Gabi Kubach), Der Verehrer (Director Dagmar Damek), Auf den Spuren der Vergangenheit (Sharon von Wietersheim) and only recently in the much-loved TV series Familie Dr. Kleist (Directors Donald Kremer / Esther Wenger). In 2008 she appeared in the big screen drama Hotel Maina which was directed by legendary Italian helmer Carlo Lizzani and premiered at the Filmfestival in Venice. Starting in 2011, Ursula Buschhorn has been returning to the stage.  After having played in Eine Familie (Director Monika Steil) onstage in Bozen, Italy, she is currently busy doing a stage tour with the production of The Great Gatsby (Director Silvia Armbruster) in which she plays the role of Daisy up until April 2014. At first glance, Ursula Buschhorn’s appearance may be described as being elegant, beautiful, and proud but her roles are anything but one-sided or shallow but rather multifaceted and even unpredictable. I regularly catch myself sensing a certain something that she may be concealing behind her facade as if she knew about something before everybody else did. But isn’t it exactly those slight insecurities that make her all the more down-to-earth, likeable, and popular?  I would definitely say yes!

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the beginning of 2017