Anica Dobra

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1963 in Belgrade, Serbia and spent her teen years in Frankfurt, Germany
Serbia | Slovenia
Belgrade, Serbia
164 cm
University of Arts in Belgrade | Faculty of Dramatic Arts
2021 Nomination for German Actors Award for Fuchs im Bau
2020 Bavarian Film Audience Award for Leberkäsjunkie
2019 Filmfestival Trebinje Bosnien Herzegowina |
Outstanding Performance Award
2018 Theater Festival Banja Luka | Best Actress
Theater Festival Zagreb Kerempuh | Best Actress
2017 Theater Festival Brcko | Best Actress
2010 FIPRESCI Award | Best Actress
2008 Award of the city Belgrad | Best Actress
2007 Kaiserin Theodora | Best Actress
2005 Nomination for the Goldene Kamera
1994 National Award Staatstheater Belgrad
1993 Preis der serbischen Filmakademie | Best Actress
Sterija Award National Theatre Festival | Best Actress
1990 Bavarian Film Award | Best up-and-coming Actress
1988 Award | Filmfestspiele Madrid
Vichy Film Festival | Best Actress
1987 Goldene Arena | Best jugoslavian Actress
Kaiserin Theodora | Best Actress
German perfect | Serbian native | English fluent | Croatian perfect | Russian basic
Chanson | Rock | Pop
Jazz Dance | Folklore | Ballet

Film Selection

Zwerg Nase | ZDF TV Movie | Director Ngo The Chau
2015 - 2020
Schwarz-Weiße Welt | TV Series Croatia | Director Goran Kuhlenovic & Igor Mirkovic
Der gute Bulle III - Nur Tote reden nicht | ZDF TV Movie | Director Lars Becker
Fuchs im Bau | Feature Film in Austria | Director Arman T. Riahi
Neues aus Büttenwarder | NDR TV Series | Gueststar 3 Episodes | Director Guido Pieters
Leberkäsjunkie | Feature Film | Director Ed Herzog
Die Spezialisten - Im Namen der Opfer IV - Der Schwimmer | ZDF TV Series | Director Marcel-Kyrill Gardelli
Das Pubertier | ZDF TV Series | Director Oliver Schmitz & Uwe Janson
Soko Stuttgart - Die Akte Jo | ZDF TV Series | Director Rainer Matsutani
Dr. Klein - Zukunft | ZDF TV Series | Director Rainer Matsutani
Lizenz zum Seitensprung | ZDF TV Movie Rosamunde Pilcher | Director Uli Moeller
Auf Augenhöhe | Feature Film | Director Evi Goldbrunner & Joachim Dollhopf
Winner German Filmpreis 2017 | Best Children's Film and
Publikumspreis Filmfest München 2016
2013 - 2017
Open doors | TV Series Serbia | Director Mihailo Vukobratovic, Slobodan Skerlic & Dusan Varda etc.
Enklave | Feature Film | Director Goran Radovanovic
Beste Feinde | TV Series | Director Nikolai Müllerschön
Wo ist Nadja | Student Movie | Director among others Marco Djordjevic, Tea Lukac & Rasko Milatovic
Beste Feinde | TV Series | Director Nikolai Müllerschön
Wo ist Nadja | Student Movie SR | Director Marco Djordjevic, Tea Lukac & Rasko Milatovic
Der Mann, der alles kann | ARD TV Movie | Director Annette Ernst
Geliebtes Kind | WDR TV Movie | Director Sylke Enders
Der Vollgasmann | SWR TV Movie | Director Rainer Matsutani
SOKO Leipzig | ZDF TV Series | Director Robert del Maestro
Frau Ajnstajn | TV Movie Serbia | Director Milos Jovanovic
Ein Sommer in Paris | ZDF TV Movie | Director Jorgo Papavassiliou
Belgrad Radio Taxi | Feature Film | Director Srdjan Koljevic
Weihnachten im Morgenland | ZDF TV Movie | Director Martin Gies
Neko me ipak ceka | TV Movie Serbia | Director Marko Novakovic
Die Alpenklinik - Riskante Entscheidung | ARD TV Movie | Director Michael Kreindl
Mein Schüler, seine Mutter & Ich | SAT.1 TV Movie | Director Andreas Linke
Universalove | Feature Film | Director Thomas Woschitz
Die Alpenklinik - Aus heiterem Himmel | ARD TV Movie | Director Karl Kases
Verrückt nach Emma | ZDF TV Movie | Director Ulrich Zrenner
Liebe und andere Verbrechen | Feature Film | Director Stefan Arsenijevic
Schöne Aussicht | ARD TV Movie | Director Erwin Keusch
Die Alpenklinik - Eine Frage des Herzens | ARD TV Movie | Director Udo Witte
Klopka - Die Falle | Feature Film SR Montenegro | Director Srdan Golubovic
Tatort | ARD TV Movie | Director Niki Stein
Aszendent Liebe | ARD TV Movie | Director Helmut Metzger
Ein Hauptgewinn für Papa | ARD TV Movie | Director Bodo Fürneisen
Ein Familienschreck kommt selten allein | SAT.1 Movie Film | Director Sibylle Tafel
Spezialauftrag Kindermädchen | Sat.1 TV Movie | Director Sibylle Tafel
Noch ein Wort und ich heirate dich! | SAT.1 TV Movie | Director Wilhelm Engelhardt
Ivkova slava | Feature Film | Director Zdravko Sotra
Mogelpackung Mann | Sat.1 TV Movie | Director Udo Witte
Ein Baby zum Verlieben | ARD TV Movie | Director Hartmut Griesmayr
Das Traumhotel | ARD TV Movie | Director Gloria Behrens
Edel & Starck | Sat.1 TV Series | Director Jakob Schäuffelen
ABC des Lebens | ZDF TV Movie | Director Titus Selge
Herr der Wüste | WDR TV Movie | Director Vivian Naefe
Tigeraugen sehen besser | ZDF TV Movie | Director Thomas Nennstiel
Sperling | ZDF TV Movie | Director Marcus O. Rosenmüller
Dienstreise - Was für eine Nacht | Sat.1 TV Movie | Director Stephan Wagner
Der Freund meiner Mutter | BR TV Movie | Director Dagmar Knöpfel
Der Verleger | ARD TV Movie | Director Bernd Böhlich
SK Kölsch | Sat.1 TV Series | Director Matthias Kopp
Natasa | TV Movie Serbia | Director Ljubisa Samardzic
Mutter wider Willen | TV Movie | Director Karola Hattop
Falling Rocks | Feature Film | Director Peter Keglevic
Alphamann - Die Selbstmörderin | ARD TV Movie | Director Thomas Jauch
Erleuchtung garantiert | Feature Film | Director Doris Dörrie
Anwalt Abel | ZDF TV Series | Director Olaf Kreinsen
Weekend mit Leiche | Sat.1 TV Movie | Director Sven Severin
Tockovi | Feature Film | Director Djordje Milosavljevic
Bin ich schön? | Feature Film | Director Doris Dörrie
Das merkwürdige Verhalten geschlechtsreifer Großstädter zur Paarungszeit | Feature Film | Director Marc Rothemund
Tatort Schimanski | WDR TV Movie | Director Hajo Gies
Frau zu sein bedarf es wenig | ZDF TV Movie | Director Sigi Rothemund
5 Stunden Angst | RTL TV Movie | Director Peter Keglevic
Tödliche Schwesternliebe | ProSieben TV Movie | Director Samir Jamal Aldin
Honigmond | Feature Film | Director Gabriel Barylli
Schlag 12 | TV Movie | Director Sigi Rothemund
Roula | Feature Film | Director Martin Enlen
Wachtmeister Zumbühl | Feature Film | Director Urs Odermatt
Frauen sind was Wunderbares | Feature Film | Director Sherry Hormann
Tito und ich | Feature Film | Director Goran Markovic
Black Bomber | Feature Film | Director Darko Bajic
5 Zimmer, Küche, Bad | ARD Film | Regie Rolf Silber
Wildfeuer | Feature Film | Director Jo Baier
Spieler | Feature Film | Director Dominik Graf
Nie im Leben | Feature Film | Director Helmut Berger
Rosamunde | Feature Film | Director Egon Günther
Balkan Express | Feature Film | Directort Pedrag Antonijevic
Leben mit dem Onkel | Feature Film | Director Kristo Papic
Reflections | Feature Film | Director Goran Markovic
Walking on the Water | Feature Film | Director Miroslav Mandic

Stage Selection

1984 - 2016
Member of the Ensemble of The National Theatre of Belgrade
Theatre Atelje 212 Belgrade

Born in Belgrade, Serbia and raised in Frankfurt, Anica Dobra calls both Germany and the Balkans her home. Being a thoroughbred actress and having enjoyed the best in stage- and on-camera training, Anica Dobra is very busy working in both countries. She became well-known in the 1990s in Germany when she worked together with the finest of directors mainly in comedies for the big screen but also in crime and drama feature films for TV. During that time, which was marked by intense political upheaval in the Balkans, she exhibited her remarkable talent in that region by portraying heavily conflicted protagonists. Her characters take control in a straightforward, hard-hitting, and pugnacious manner. She was awarded Best Actress several times. Anica Dobra is a frequent traveler since her family lives in Belgrade and she herself is a star in Serbia.  But she also feels drawn to Munich, Germany which is her second home. Audiences love her for her unconventional beauty and charming wit. Here in Germany we’ve come to picturing her playing in films that allow fresh subject matters to be tackled from a humorous point of view. Take some time and check out the clips of the Serbian TV series „Black and White World“ on her current reel. To most it will obviously be incomprehensible (subtitles are to follow soon), but her body language alone is simply hilarious.

Anica Dobra in the series Das Pubertier

first broadcast with
Episodes of Anica´s role as “Roksana”
starting on Thursday 21. September 2017
at 8:15 pm on TV station ZDF

Director Oliver Schmitz & Uwe Janson



Deutscher Filmpreis for the movie Auf Augenhöhe with Anica Dobra

Category “Best Children’s Film”
Deutscher Filmpreis 2017

Director Evi Goldbrunner und Joachim Dollhopf


Anica Dobra in an episode of the TV series SOKO Stuttgart - Die Akte Jo

First broadcast 16. March 2017 at 6 pm
TV station ZDF

Director Rainer Matsutani


Anica Dobra in the movie Enklave

Cinema release Germany 16. February 2017

with a opening night at Cinématèque in Leipzig

Director Goran Radovanovic







Anica Dobra in the movie Auf Augenhöhe

available now on DVD!
February 2017

Joachim Dollhopf & Evi Goldbrauner