Butz Ulrich Buse

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1963 in Wehrda, Germany
Munich, Germany
176 cm
Light brown
Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media
2015 GENRENALE3 KILLER PERFORMANCE male for "Gummifaust"
English fluent | Dutch Flemish fluent | French good
Colonian native | Bavarian
Floating Sport | Skiing | Diving Certification

Film Selection

Servus Baby - Sombrero | BR TV Series | Director Natalie Spinell
Pan Tau | MDR WDR TV Series | Director Franziska Meyer-Price
Tonio & Julia - Der perfekte Mann | ZDF TV Movie | Director Bettina Woernle
Tonio & Julia - Dem Himmel so nah | ZDF TV Movie | Director Irina Popow
Gipfelstürmer - Dabei sein ist alles | ZDF TV Series | Director Andi Niessner
Unheimlich perfekte Freunde | Feature Film | Director Marcus H. Rosenmüller
Die Wolf-Gäng | Feature Film | Director Tim Trageser
Im Schatten der Angst | ORF ZDF TV Movie | Director Till Endemann
Ottilie von Faber-Castell | ARD TV Movie | Director Claudia Garde
Schweigen ist Silber, Reden ist Gold | Short Film HFF Munich | Director Mahnas Sarwari
Emmilou Run | Short Film HFF Munich | Director Maya Duftschmid
Der neue Mensch | Short Film HFF Munich | Director Markus Müller
Langzeitvermisste | Short HFF Munich | Director Elizaveta Snagovskaia
Ich liebe alles was ich an dir hasse | Feature Film | Director Nadine Keil
Trautmann | Feature Film | Germany Great Britain | Director Marcus H. Rosenmüller
Das Singspiel Scheining | BR TV Telerecording of a theater play at Paulaner Brewery Munich | Director Marcus H. Rosenmüller
Willkommen bei den Hartmanns | Feature Film | Director Simon Verhoeven
München Mord - Auf der Straße, nachts, allein | ZDF TV Mini Series | Director Anno Saul
Marie fängt Feuer - Vater sein dagegen sehr | ZDF TV Mini Series | Director Edzard Onneken
Kommissarin Lucas - Löwenherz | ZDF TV Mini Series | Director Ralf Huettner
SOKO München - Weiss-Blau und Braun | ZDF TV | Director Katharina Bischof & Johanna Thalmann
Tatort - Klingelingeling | ARD BR TV Movie | Director Markus Imboden
Smaragdgrün | Feature Film | Director Felix Fuchssteiner
Unter Verdacht - Verlorene Sicherheit | ZDF TV Mini Series | Director Andreas Herzog
Einmal bitte alles | Feature Film | Director Helena Hufnagel
Die Randgruppe | HFF Kaliber35 Winner | Director Julius Grimm
Luis Trenker - Der schmale Grat der Wahrheit | Feature Film | Director Wolfgang Murnberger
Beste Chance | Feature Film | Director Marcus H. Rosenmüller
Mein vergessenes Leben | ZDF TV Movie | Director Gernot Krää
Hubert und Staller - Der Flug des Phoenix | ARD TV Series | Director Jan Markus Linhof
Gummifaust | Short Film | Director Marc Steck
Rauhnacht | Short Film | Lead | Director Anna Stahl
Endlich | Short Film | Director Anja Scharf
Saphirblau | Feature Film | Director Felix Fuchssteiner
Vorhand | Short Film | Director Florian Seufert
Urlaub für immer | Feature Film | Director Saara Aula Waasner
Wir sind die Neuen | Feature Film | Director Ralf Westhoff
Agnieska | Feature Film | Director Tomasz Emil Rudzik
Bocksprünge | Feature Film | Director Eckhard Preuß
Wer hat Angst vorm weißen Mann | BR TV Movie | Director Wolfgang Murnberger
München 7 - Asche | ARD TV Series | Director Franz Xaver Bogner
Willa | Short Film | Director Helena Hufnagel
Deutschland, deine Hobbys | Short Film | Director Fabian Prager
Hello Gravity - Iceberg | Music Video | Director Tim Trachte
Rubinrot | Feature Film | Director Felix Fuchssteiner
Mein Mann, ein Mörder | ZDF TV Movie | Director Lancelot von Naso
Das Märchen von der Prinzessin, die unbedingt in einem Märchen vorkommen wollte | Feature Film | Director Steffen Zacke
Der Kaktus | ARD ORF TV Film | Director Franziska Buch
Polizeiruf 110 - Der Tod macht Engel aus uns allen | ARD TV Series | Director Jan Bonny
Nicht lustig | Short Film | Director Gwendolin Stolz
SOKO 5113 - Die Rückkehr | ZDF TV Series | Director Andreas Herzog
Forsthaus Falkenau - Gänsealarm | ZDF TV Series | Director Andreas Dorst
Fünf Meter Panama | Short Film | Director Martin Fischnaller
Der Sommer der Gaukler | Feature Film | Director Marcus H. Rosenmüller
Sommer in Orange | Feature Film | Director Marcus H. Rosenmüller
Davon willst du nichts wissen | ZDF TV Movie | Director Tim Trachte
Eisblumen | Short Film | Director Susan Gordanshekan
Vincent will Meer | Feature Film | Director Ralf Huettner
Zwei Zimmer, Balkon | Feature Film | Director Enno Reese
Almanya | Feature Film | Director Yasemin Samdareli
Gottes mächtige Dienerin | ARD BR TV Movie | Director Marcus O. Rosenmüller
Die Tochter des Mörders | ZDF TV Movie | Director Johannes Fabrik
Von Mäusen und Lügen | ARD TV Movie | Director Sibylle Tafel
Um Himmelswillen | ARD TV Series | Director Karsten Wichniarz & Ulrich König
Der Baader-Meinhof-Komplex | Feature Film | Director Uli Edel
Draußen am See | Feature Film | Director Felix Fuchssteiner
Hanna und die Bankräuber | BR TV Movie | Director Carolin Otterbach
Frida finden | Short Film | Director Johannes Disselhoff
Morgen räum´ ich auf | BR TV Movie | Director Martina Elbert
Hotel Meina | Feature Film | Director Carlo Lizzani
Stellungswechsel | Feature Film | Director Maggie Perlen
Polizeiruf 110 - Rosios Baby | ARD TV Series | Director Andreas Kleinert
Blöde Mütze! | Feature Film | Director Johannes Schmid
Unter Verdacht - Das Geld anderer Leute | ZDF TV Series | Director Achim von Borries
SOKO 5113 - Aus Verzweiflung | ZDF TV Series | Director Werner Siebert
Die Null | Feature Film | Director Zarah Ziadi
Hypochonder | Short Film | Director Maggie Peren
Der Herr der Wüste | ZDF WDR TV Movie | Director Vivian Naefe
Alarm für Cobra 11 - Feuer und Flamme | RTL TV Series | Director Axel Sand
Hierankl | Feature Film | Director Hans Steinbichler
Unsre Mutter ist halt anders | Feature Film | Director Franziska Buch
Virtual Love | Short Film | Director Selma Brenner
Gott ist ein toter Fisch | Feature Film | Director Wolfram von Bremen
Durch dick und dünn | ARD HR TV Movie | Director Martina Elbert
Anwalt des Herzens | ZDF TV Movie | Director Gabriel Barylli
Engel & Joe | Feature Film | Director Vanessa Jopp
Mädchen, Mädchen | Feature Film | Director Dennis Ganser
Oh du Liebezeit | ARD HR TV Movie | Director Martina Elbert
Altweibersommer | ARD BR TV Movie | Director Martina Elbert
Vera Brühne | SAT.1 TV Movie | Director Hark Bohm
Vergiss Amerika | Feature Film | Director Vanessa Jopp
Im Auftrag des Herrn | Short Film | Direktor Dennis Gansel

Stage Selection

Shakespeare in Love | Luisenburg Festival in Wunsiedel | Director Philipp Moschitz
2018 - 2019
King Charles III (Mike Bartlett) | Metropol Theater München | Director Philipp Moschitz
2017 - 2018
Das Rätsel der gestohlenen Stimmen (Alan Ayckbourn) | Stadttheater Trier | Director Matthias Kaschig
2017 - 2019
Der gute Tod (Wannie de Wijn) | Metropol Theater München | Director Jochen Schölch
2016 - 2019
Die letzte Karawanserei (Ariane Mnouchkine) | Metropol Theater München | Director Jochen Schölch | Awarded tz-Rose of the Year 2016
Terror (Ferdinand von Schirach) | Metropol Theater München | Director Jochen Schölch
2014 - 2016
Die Opferung von Gorge Mastromas | Metropol Theater Munich | Director Jochen Schölch
Michael Kohlhaas | Landestheater Coburg | Director Michael Götz
Bartleby, der Schreiber - eine Geschichte aus der Wall Street | Metropol Theater Munich | Director Ulrike Arnold
2014 - 2019
Kinder des Olymp | Metropol Theater Munich | Director Jochen Schölch
2013 - 2019
Schuld und Schein | Metropol Theater Munich | Director Jochen Schölch
Portia Coughlan | Metropol Theater Munich | Director Jochen Schölch
Die Räuber | Schauburg Munich | Director Alexander May
Gerettet | Schauburg Munich | Director Alexander May
Die Ostindienfahrer | Schauburg Munich | Director Dirk Engler
Passt scho! | TamS Theater Munich | Director Eva Demmelhuber
Das Wäldchen | Theater Halle 7 Munich | Invited to the Festival Impulse 2006 | Director Dirk Engler
Gespräche nach einer Beerdigung | Nominated for his role as Best Talented Young Actor Modernes Theater Munich in Theater Heute 1996 | Modernes Theater Munich | Director Franz Betzelt
1985 - 1987
After young actor education two years Regular Ensemble Member at Theaterstudio Rob van Reijn Amsterdam with repertoire programme in own house and tours across the Low Countries and Germany

Butz Buse puts all his heart and soul into his work as an actor.  His career started 20 years ago on the stage in Paris and Amsterdam.  Lately, Butz Buse has increasingly gained prominence within the film and TV industry.  He is a master of his craft to an extent that repeatedly draws renowned directors like Felix Fuchssteiner, Wolfgang Murnberger, Marcus H. Rosenmueller, and Ralf Westhoff to name but a few.  But he also loves to put his fine work into short-film projects like Marc Steck’s GUMMIFAUST  which garnered him an award at this year’s “2015 Genrenale 3”.  With verve and total commitment, he creates his characters all the way down to splaying out his little finger in a certain position or pulling the corners of his mouth in the minimalist of ways.  He has studied all of them along with their idiosyncrasies: the local original, the stuffy, the conservative, the serious, the accurate, the quirky, the sociopathic misfit.  He brings to life his characters in unforgettable ways and thereby makes us shudder.  Butz Buse will go anywhere.  We wish him every role the world has to offer.

Butz Ulrich Buse in the movie Trautmann

Cinema release
Thursday 14. March 2019

Director Marcus H. Rosenmüller


Butz Ulrich Buse in the movie Trautmann

Bayern Film Award 2018
for the best producer Robert Marciniak

Director Marcus H. Rosenmüller


Butz Ulrich Buse at the Nockherberg in the musical Scheining

Premiere at TV Station Bayerischen Rundfunk
live from the Nockherberg, Munich
on Wednesday the 8th March 2017

Rerun at “Best Off” in TV Station BR on
Saturday the 11th March 2017 at 8:15 pm

Director Marcus H. Rosenmüller