Christian Heiner Wolf

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1971 in Dresden, Gemany
172 cm
Dark Blonde
Singing Lessons at Matthias Heiling | Otto-Falckenberg-Schule München
Acting and Voice Lessons | Studio Friedericke Müller
Acting Lessons with Lene Beyer & Dieter Wardetzky | HFF München
Masterclass Workshop M.K. Lewis
Intensive Masterclass Casting Workshop with Nancy Bishop
Kraft der Verkörperung Workshop with Johannes Fabrick
Goldene Maske for Best Actor in
Lucid Lost | 1. International Film Acting Festival Cologne
English native
Saxon | British English | American native

Film Selection

Hubert ohne Staller - Ein kleines Stück vom Paradies | ARD TV Series | Director Carsten Fiebeler
Polizeiruf 110 - Paranoia | ARD BR TV Movie | Director Tobias Ineichen
Der Alte - Abstiegsangst | ZDF TV Series | Director Axel Barth
Drift - Partners in Crime | SKY TV Series | Director Ngo The Chau
Soko Hamburg - Tod im Kloster | ZDF TV Series | Director Sophie Averkamp
Hartwig Seeler - Im Labyrinth der Rache | ARD TV Movie | Director Johannes Fabrick
1000 Zeilen | Feature Film | Director Michael Herbig
Die Bergretter - Roter Schnee | ZDF TV Movie | Director Ralph Polinski
Tatort - In der Familie | ARD BR TV Movie | Director Pia Strietmann
Tanze Tango mit mir | ARD BR TV Movie | Director Filippos Tsitos
Hindafing | 2nd Season | BR TV Series | Director Boris Kunz
Tatort - Unklare Lage | ARD BR TV Movie | Director Pia Strietmann
Kräfte | HFF Munich Short Film | Lead | Director Annelie Boros
Irgendwas bleibt immer | ZDF TV Movie | Director Thomas Kronthaler
Tonio und Julia - Rabenmutter | ZDF TV Movie | Director Bettina Woernle
7 Stunden | BR TV Movie | Director Christian Görlitz
Schwimmen | Feature Film | Director Luzie Loose
Alles ist gut | Feature Film HFF München | Director Eva Trobisch |
Förderpreis Neues Deutsches Kino 2018
Klimawandel | Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wirtschaft und Medien, Energie und Technologie | BR |Director Lukas Baier
Hindafing | 1st Season | BR TV Series | Director Boris Kunz
Winner of the Bayerischer Fernsehpreis 2018 Munich | Winner of Romy Award 2018 Vienna | Nomination for the Adolf Grimme Award 2018 | Nomination for the Jupiter Audience Award 2018
Unter deutschen Betten | Feature Film | Director Jan Fehse
Um Himmels Willen - Platzverweis | ARD TV Series | Director Andi Niessner
Um Himmels Willen - Falsche Hoffnungen | ARD TV Series | Director Dennis Satin
SOKO 5113 - Der verlorene Sohn | ZDF TV Series |
Director Johanna Thalmann and Katharina Bischof
Hubert & Staller - Vom Himmel hoch | ARD TV Series | Director Erik Haffner
Soko Kitzbühel - Ausgeliefert | ORF ZDF TV Series | Director Rainer Hackstock
Fiesta | HFF München Short Film | Director Nancy Camaldo
Zwischen uns steht ein Salat | Short Film & Media Design |
Director Alice von Gwinner
Len | Short Film | Director Waldemar Oldenburger | Winner of the
Accolade Global Film Competition Award of Merit 2016 Special Mention
Ioana | Short Film HFF München | Director Simon Pfister
Marie | Short Film HFF München | Director Alex Schaad
Lügen haben schöne Beine | TV ARD Movie | Director Thomas Kronthaler
Mirijam | Short Film HFF München | Director Florian Seufert
Chasing Daycare | BR Short Film Debüt | Director Satu Siegemund
Als Papa das Krokodil ertränkte | Short Film HFF München | Director Kai Stoeckel
Gunnar haut rein | Short Film HFF München | Director Katrin Arendt
Kurz Warten | Short Film | Director David Onuora
Sabine | Short Film | Director Nicolai Zeitler
Rastlos | Short Film HFF München | Director Oliver Mohr
Drei Stunden | Feature Film | Director Boris Kunz
Die Stille wird lauter | Short Film HFF München | Director Oliver Mohr
Die Invasion vom Planeten Schrump | Short Film HFF München | Director Nadine Keil
Strangers in the Night | Short Film | Director Christian Herzer
Jam Jar | US Short Film | Director Veree Lynn Pum
Der Bergdoktor - Tiefer Fall | ZDF TV Movie | Director Ulrike Hamacher
Das Fenster | BR TV Movie | Director Eva Severini
Kommissarin Lucas - Vergessen und Vergeben | ZDF TV Movie | Director Christiane Balthasar
Hanna und die Bankräuber | BR TV Movie | Director Carolin Otterbach
Unverwundbar | BR und HFF München TV Movie | Director Felice Götze
Zwerg Nase | BR TV Movie | Director Felicitas Darschin
Stellungswechsel | Feature Film | Director Maggie Peren
Die unglaublichsten Geschichten | RTL TV Movie | Director Matthias Kessler
The Suicide Club | Feature Film | Director Olaf Saumer
Wie es bleibt | Movie HFF München | Director Philipp Leinemann
Der goldene Nazivampir von Absam II | Short Film | Director Lasse Nolte
Aschermittwoch | Short Film | Director Ileana Cosmovici
Blood Trails | US Feature Film | Director Robert Krause
Schatz ich glaube gestern ist etwas ganz Schreckliches passiert |
Short Film | Director Benedikt Volkmer
Was du nicht siehst | Short Film | Director Björn Schürmann
Lucid Lost | Short Film | Director Tobias Brehmer
Rosenheim Cops - Umzug für eine Leiche | ZDF TV Series | Director Stefan Klisch
Kick | Feature Film | Director Heide Fliegner
Moonlight Pictures | Short Film | Director Toby Wider
Hundstage | Short Film | Director Michael Kofler
Nacht | Short Film | Director Johannes Brunner
Klassentreffen | Short Film | Director Philip Haucke
Sinan Toprak ist der Unbestechliche - Das Glück dieser Erde |
RTL TV Movie | Director Andreas Prochaska
Lang lebe Lilim | Short Film | Director Ulf Groote
Anatomie | Feature Film | Director Stefan Ruzowitzky

Stage Selection

2001 - 2008
Theater Die Rampe Stuttgart
Theater...und so fort München
Lichthof der Universität München
Hamburger Kammerspiele
Metropol Theater München
Theater Blaue Maus München
Teamtheater Tankstelle München

Christian Heiner Wolf spent his childhood and youth in Dresden and Munich and also stayed in Missouri, U.S.A. for a year and a half during his teenage years. It was during his time in the Midwest that he acquired a flawless General American accent which nowadays enables him to act in both German and English language productions. An accidental encounter with a theater director led to an audition for Goethe’s play Torquato Tasso. The day after the audition Christian Heiner Wolf was offered to play the leading role -his first role ever, at the renowned Munich off-venue Gasteig Theater. After this experience he knew that he was inescapably going to become a professional actor. Subsequently, while studying Geography and Economics at the Munich Technische Universität, he began taking acting lessons with some of the most distinguished teachers in the profession. With the university diploma under his belt, he started performing in various off-theater stage productions and kept on doing so for over 6 years. In 2003, met several students (Boris Kunz, Oliver Mohr, and Felice Götze among many others) of different well-known film schools in Germany and was cast in numerous short and debut films. Boris Kunz’ debut Drei Stunden, in which Christian Heiner Wolf played the role of David opposite Claudia Eisinger and Nicholas Reinke, ran in movie theaters in 2013. In 2005 he was awarded the Golden Mask at the 1st International Film Acting Festival in Cologne for his intense portrayal of a rapist in the short film Lucid Lost. So far his biggest success on the big screen was playing one of the leads in Olaf Saumer’s debut Suicide Club which was decorated with several prizes at national and international film festivals, of which the Interfilmpreis at the 31st Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis should be mentioned above all.  What ties most of Christian Heiner Wolf’s roles together is his comedic talent combined with the courage to look into the abyss of his characters’ minds.

Christian Heiner Wolf at the Hofer Filmtage in the movie Schwimmen 

Friday 26. October 2018 at 5:30 pm
Saturday 27. October 2018 at 9:00 pm
and Sunday 28. October 2018 at 6:15 pm

Director Luzie Loose