Christofer von Beau

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Munich, Germany
Berlin, Germany
179 cm
Dark brown
1987 American Academy of Dramatic Arts, New York |
Shakespeare-Workshop with Judy Magee
Musical Education
English native speaker

Film Selection

Chamäleon | SKY Series | Director Matthias Koßmehl
We are Family | ZDF Neo TV Series | Directors Kai S. Pieck, Toby Chlosta & Gabriel B. Arrahnio
Die jungen Ärzte - Alte Narben | ARD TV Series | Director Franziska Hörisch
The Next | ZDFneo TV Series | Director Andi Wecker and Nico Berse
2020 - 2021
SOKO Potsdam | ZDF TV Series | Supporting Role Luis Hagemann | u.a. Felix Ahrens, Lea Becker, Esther Amrami, u.a.
SOKO München The Movie - Countdown | ZDF TV Movie | Director Bodo Schwarz
2015 - 2019
SOKO München | ZDF TV Series | Leading part Franz Ainfachnur | Director Michel Guillaume, Peter Baumann, Heidi Kranz, Bodo Schwarz, Christoph Eichhorn, Marcel Gardelli, a.o.
Acht Tage | Sky TV Series | Director Stefan Ruzowitzky
2002 - 2014
SOKO 5113 | ZDF TV Series | Role Franz Ainfachnur | Director a.o. Matthias Kiefersauer, Michael Wenning, Patrick Winczewski, Sebastian Sorger, Andreas Herzog
Kripo Holstein | ZDF TV Series | Director Philipp Osthus
24 Milchkühe und kein Mann | ARD TV Movie | Director Thomas Kronthaler
Herzflimmern - Liebe zum Leben | ZDF TV Series | Director Dieter Laske & Petra Wiemers
KDD | ZDF TV Series | Director Züli Aladag
Zur Sache Lena | ZDF TV Movie | Director Bernhard Stephan
Küstenwache | ZDF TV Series | Director Raoul W. Heimrich
Sabine!! | Sat. 1 TV Series | Director Marcus Ulbricht
SOKO Kitzbühl | ZDF TV Series | Director Mike Zens
SOKO Köln | ZDF TV Series | Director Axel Barth
Die Straßen von Berlin | Pro 7 TV Movie | Director Werner Masten
Rosa Roth | ZDF TV Series | Carlo Rola

Stage Selection

Since 1990
Opernhaus Halle, Delphi Theater Hamburg, Theater Basel,
Kultursommer Perchtoldsdorf
Little Shop of Horror | Musical | Role Audrey II
West Side Story | Musical | Role Bernardo
Rocky Horror Show | Musical | Role Eddy & Rank Man, Aurin
La Cage aux Folles | Musical | Role Jacob
Godspell | Musical | Role Judas
Othello | Theater | Role Othello
Directors a.o. Anna Vaughan, Bernd Palmer,
Edmund Gleede, Tamash Ferkai, Gerhard Platiel, Hansjörg Hersberger

Christofer von Beau, son of an American father and a German mother, was born in Munich, Germany.  His love for acting was actually incited by one of his mother’s friends who was an actress herself.  As a teenager, he moved with his mother to the U.S. where he spent the following 20 years.  While in America, he was accepted to the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City.  Upon graduating successfully, he went on to take part in a Shakespeare workshop under the tutelage of Judy Magee and on top of that enjoyed a singing education with William Drake.  At the beginning of his career, Christofer von Beau played in numerous musicals like The Little Shop of Horrors and The Rocky Horror Show directed by Anna Vaughn at the Berliner Kammerspiele.  To this day he refers to this experience as “the best he had” when it comes to stage work.  More work such as the West Side StoryOthello, or Godspell was to follow.  His first TV appearances date back to 1995 but his breakthrough role was Franz Ainfachnur on the TV series SOKO 5113.  Starting off in 2002 as a supporting series regular in 74 episodes, he now has risen the ranks to become inspector and thereby one of the series leads on that show which was renamed SOKO Muenchen at the beginning of the 2015/2016 season.  In 2012 he delivered a strong performance as the leading male, Raymond, opposite Jutta Speidel in the ARD network film 24 Cows But No Man.  Whenever on set, Christofer von Beau’s upbeat nature and positive attitude lights up everyone around him.  We are so thankful to have him on our roster and are keenly looking forward to lots of interesting and fun projects together.

Christofer von Beau in the series 8 Tage

First broadcast of the first season
Starting on Friday 01. March 2019
at 8:15 pm on SKY 1 HD

Director Stefan Ruzowitzky

Teaser Christofer_von_Beau_OK


Christofer von Beau in a new season of  SOKO München

First broadcast of the 44th season
From 05. November 2018
With Christofer von Beau as “Kommissar Franz Ainfachnur”
always Monday at 6:00 pm on TV station ZDF

Director u.a. Bodo Schwarz, Frauke Thielecke, Till Müller-Edenborn



Christofer von Beau in a new season of the series SOKO München

First broadcast of the 43th Season
on 11. September 2017
Christofer von Beau as Detective “Franz Ainfachnur”
always on Monday at 6 pm ion TV station ZDF

Director Katharina Bischof / Till Müller-Edenborn u.a.