Daron Yates

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1987 in Munich, Germany
Berlin | Hamburg | Cologne | Luxemburg | Sydney | Wellington | Vienna | London
187 cm
Dark Brown
2010 - 2014 Theater Akademie August Everding /
University for Music and Theater Munich
English native (New Zealand) | German native | French basic
Bavarian | British German | American German
Tenor | Baritone
Football | Athletics | Fencing | Aikido | Golf | Boxing
Afro | Modern | Ballroom Dance
Car | Motorbike

Film Selection

Die Rosenheim Cops - Himmel und Hölle | ZDF Series | Director Manuel Grabmann
WoPo Bodensee - Fangfrisch | ARD TV Series | Director Florian Anders
Watzmann ermittelt - Trachtenwahnsinn | ARD TV Series | Director John Delbridge
PAN TAU | ARD TV Series | Director Franziska Meyer-Price
Lena Lorenz - Sternenkind | ZDF TV Movie | Director Ismail Sahin
Beats | HFF Munich Shortfilm | Director Simon Pfister
Liebe auf Persisch | ARD Degeto TV Movie | Director Florian Baxmeyer
Nichts zu verlieren | BR ORF TV Movie | Director Wolfgang Murnberger
Grave Butler | Short Feature Film HFF München | Director Sophie Averkamp
In a Secret Prison Ashcan | Documentary | Director Willy Perelsztejn
Arthur & Claire | Feature Film International | Director Miguel Alexandre
Euphoria | Feature Film International | Director Lisa Langseth
Nie mehr wie es war | ZDF TV Movie | Director Johannes Fabrick
Hubert & Staller - Ein ehrenwertes Haus | ARD TV Series | Director Holger Gimpel
Soko Munich | Guest Star for 3 Episodes | ZDF TV Series |
Directors Johanna Thalmann, Katharina Bischof, Till Müller-Edenborn
ZARNITSA | Short Film | English Language | Director Khaled Kaissar
München 7 - Bombenhochzeit | ARD BR TV Series | Director Franz Xaver Bogner
Der Alte - Innere Werte | ZDF TV Film | Director Peter Stauch
Soko Kitzbühel - Das Marburg Fieber | ORF ZDF Series | Director Gerald Liegel
Mary Jail | Short Film | School of Media and Community | Director Bader Khifli
Fluchtwagen | Short Film | Director Tim Garde, Jan Messutat
Freunde 1943 | Short Film | Director Tim Garde, Jan Messutat
Lieben | Short Film | Director Michael Ballhaus and Sherry Hormann

Stage Selection

The Writer by Ella Hickson | Les Theatres de la ville de Luxembourg | Leading Boyfriend | Director Claire Thill
Der Schuh des Manitu - The Musical | Lead Ranger | Landestheater Salzburg | Director Andreas Gergen
2021 - 2022
Der Schuh des Manitu - The Musical | Lead Ranger | Deutsches Theater Munich | Director Andreas Gergen
The Hothouse | Théàtre National du Luxembourg | Role Gibbs | Director Anne Simon | English Play
Midsummer |Théàtre National du Luxembourg | Role Bob | Director Anne Simon | English Play
Fack ju Göhte - The Musical | Lead Zeki Müller | Werk7 München | Director Christoph Drewitz
Winner of the Deutscher Musical Theater Award 2018
2017 - 2018
HOOL | Schauspiel Köln | Director Nuran David Calis
Codename Ashcan | Théàtre National du Luxembourg | Director Anne Simon
2016 - 2017
Die Vierzig Tages des Musa Dagh | Bavarian National Theater | Residenztheater München | Director Nuran David Calis
All New People | Les Théàtres de la Ville de Luxembourg | Director Anne Simon | English Play
MISTER PARADISE and other rare electrical things between people | Théàtre National Du Luxembourg | Role Tony Elson & Dennis Merriwether | Director Anne Simon
2015 - 2016
Antony and Cleopatra | Bavarian National Theater
Residenztheater Munich | Role Thidias | Director Thomas Dannemann
2014 - 2015
Killer Joe | Théatres de la Ville de Luxembourg | English Play
Language | Role Chris | Director Anne Simon
Aus der Hölle durch die Welt ins Paradies - 15 Jahre Suchers Leidenschaften | Prinzregententheater | Author C. Bernd Sucher
Die Ausnahme und die Regel (B. Brecht) | Akademie im Prinzregententheater | Director Maike Bouschen
Die Zweifachen | Akademietheater im Prinzregententheater | Role Vandermaster | Director Annalena Maas
Frankie und ich - Erinnerungen an eine mafiöse Beziehung | Kulturzentrum Schwabniederhofen and La Cantina München | Role Solo | Concept Friedrich Rauchbauer
Unser Kandidat | Metropoltheater München | Role Kandidat Nr. 6 | Director Jochen Schölch
Der einsame Weg | Akademietheater im Prinzregententheater | Role Der Neue | Director Johanna Wehner

Daron Yates was born in Munich. His father was from New Zealand and his mother is half German and half Armenian. Early on he was fascinated by the idea of becoming an actor and performed in countless school plays. At age 7 though, he discovered another passion, playing soccer. The sport defined most of his teenage years all the way to nearly becoming a pro. But after having earned his high school diploma and after having completed civil service he sold his car and headed out to New Zealand in order to learn about his ancestral roots. After having worked at a night club in Sydney, Australia for 6 months he went on to travel across New Zealand for an additional 6 months. During that time he lived with family, resumed playing soccer and even got a lucrative offer from a New Zealand soccer club. Daron declined and instead decided to return to Germany in order to pursue an acting career. Back in Munich, he took private acting classes and after having successfully auditioned at the renowned Theaterakademie August Everding from 2010 till 2014 he has been receiving professional acting training there and got his Diploma. While being enrolled as a student at Everding, he has already performed in several plays at Metropol Theater and at Prinzregententheater’s Akademietheater studio stage. Daron Yates is a live wire and beaming with energy; working with him means being infused with positive vibes. With his great talent and an alterable appearance, plus an excellent artistic education, paired with an ability to speak several foreign languages, Daron is definitely going to make a remarkable impression on the world of acting.

Daron Yates

New photos!
January 2019
Photographer Susie Knoll


Daron Yates in the movie Liebe auf Persisch 

First broadcast
Friday 19. October 2018
at 8:15 pm on TV station ARD

Director Florian Baxmeyer




Daron Yates leading part "Zecki" in the Musical Fack ju Göhte

1. October 2018 Musical Academy Prize
Winner of the “German Musical Theatre Prize 2018”
in the category “Best Musical”

/ Fack ju Göhte - Das Musical (Durchlaufprobe mit neuem Hauptdarsteller) / Werk7 / München / Freitag, 27. April 2018 / Foto: BrauerPhotos/Dominik_Beckmann für Stage Entertainment


Daron Yates in the movie Euphoria 

Cinema release 24. May 2018
in german cinemas

Director Lisa Langseth



Daron Yates  in the movie Arthur & Claire

cinema release Austria 16. February 2018
cinema release Germany 8. March 2018

Director Miguel Alexandre



Daron Yates in the play HOOL

Friday 15.12.2017
at 8 pm in Schauspiel Köln

Director Nuran David Calis