Patrick Nellessen

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1987 in Munich, Germany
Berlin | Wien
178 cm
2009 - 2013 Bayerische Theaterakademie August Everding
English fluent | French basic
Bavarian native
Aikido | Acrobatics | Horseback Riding | Swordplay
Afro Dance | Modern Dance (both professional)
Body Percussion | Bongo | Djembe

Film Selection

Watzmann ermittelt - Die Ötzi | ARD TV Series | Director Felix Bärwald
Friedmanns Vier - Ein Ende und ein Anfang | TV Now Streaming Series | Director Alex Costa
Triumph des Schauspielers | Short Academy Vienna | Director Daniel Holzberg
Die jungen Ärzte - Hindernisse | ARD TV Series | Director Michaela Zschieschow
Die Rosenheim Cops - Der Tod ist kein Veganer | ZDF TV Series | Director Daniel Drechsel-Grau
Gipfelstürmer | Sehtest | Lead | ZDF TV Movie | Director Dirk Regel
Gipfelstürmer | Sequel Dabei sein ist alles | Lead | ZDF TV Movie | Director Andi Niessner
Gipfelstürmer | Sequel Normal ist anders | Lead | ZDF TV Movie | Director Andi Niessner
Gipfelstürmer | Flieg Liv, flieg! | Lead | ZDF TV Series | Director Jakob Schäuffelen
Gipfelstürmer | Die Neue | Lead | ZDF TV Series | Director Jakob Schäuffelen
SOKO Kitzbühel - Unerwünschte Nebenwirkungen | ZDF ORF TV Series | Director Rainer Hackstock
Oh Mann, Hanna | HFF Short Feature Film | Director Alex Negret
Swords in the Snow | Short Feature Film | bilderdiebmedia | Director Ulrich Wessel
Hubert und Staller - Heißer Tod | ARD BR TV Series | Director Erik Haffner
Die Rosenheim Cops - Tod auf der Walz | ZDF TV Series | Director Jörg Schneider
SOKO 5113 München - Entfaltet | ZDF TV Series | Director Bodo Schwarz
Angst - Ein Traum | Short Film HFF München | Director David Clay Diaz
Zuflucht | Short Film HFF München | Director Erec Brehmer
Liebesszene | HFF München Camera Seminar Michael Ballhaus |
Director Sherry Hormann

Stage Selection

2023 - 2024
Das achte Leben | von Nino Haratischwili | Metropoltheater München | Director Jochen Schölch
2022 - 2024
The Last Ship - Musical by Sting | Theater Lübeck | Role Davey Harrison | Director Malte C. Lachmann
Woyzeck | Theater Lübeck | Director Malte C. Lachmann
2020 - 2021
Das Spiel von Liebe und Zufall | Freilichtspiele Schwäbisch Hall | Director Philipp Moschitz
Close Up | Akademietheater München | Director Katja Wachter |
First Winner Award of Jury on iTSelF-Festival in Warschau
Die Katze auf dem heißen Blechdach | Tennesssee Williams | Schauspielbühnen Stuttgart | Director Harald Weiler
Münchner Schichten | Performance Theater Series | Episodes 7 and 8 | Director Clara Hinterberger
Religion Kontrovers: Wahrheit? Fakten und Fake News | Bayerisches Staatstheater Munich | Staging Sapir Heller | Conceptual Design Prof. Bettina Reitz
2017 - 2019
ALICE! (Lewis Carroll) Music of Tom Waits | Metropol Theater München | Director Philipp Moschitz
2016 - 2019
Die letzte Karawanserei (Ariane Mnouchkine) | Metropol Theater München | Director Jochen Schölch
Awarded tz-Rose of the Year 2016
2017 - 2019
Wie im Himmel | Kay Pollack | Metropol Theater München | Director Dominik Wilgenbus, Jochen Schölch
Angst essen Seele auf | Theater Konstanz | Director Johanna Schall
Habe die Ehre | Metropol Theater München | Director Miguel Abrantes Ostrowski
Gala | Münchner Kammerspiele | Director Jerome Bel
2015 - 2017
Die Geierwally | Theater Augsburg | Director Gregor Turecek
Der Hässliche | Torturmtheater Sommerhausen | Director Ercan Karacayli
Hexenjagd | Theater Erlangen | Director Dominik von Gunten
Unschuld | Theater Erlangen | Director Katja Ott
Amphitryon | Theater Erlangen | Director Jakob Fedler
Eines langen Tages Reise in die Nacht | Theater Erlagen | Director Wolfgang Gropper
Mating Call | Wits Theatre Johannesburg South Africa | Director Antonia Beermann
Dantons Tod | Theater Erlangen | Director Mario Portmann
Jeder stirbt für sich allein | Theater Erlangen | Director Katja Ott
Das Fest | Theater Erlangen | Director Wolfang Gropper
hamlet ist tot. keine schwerkraft / Residenztheater München | Director Gregor Turecek
Trust | Akademietheater München | Director Mario Andersen
Der einsame Weg | Akademietheater München | Director Johanna Wehner
Schwarze Jungfrauen | Akademietheater München | Director Malte C. Lachmann
Merlin oder das wüste Land | Metropol Theater München | Director Jochen Schölch
Minus Odysseus | Prinzregententheater München | Director Christopher Roth
Albert Ostermaier and Katrin Brack
Was ihr wollt | Reaktorhalle München | Director Lena Kupatz

Patrick Nellessen was born in Munich where he also earned his highschool diploma (Abitur).  He finished his non-military service and for two semesters enrolled for German studies at the university.  Though he never lost his enthusiasm for the humanities, he did audition in 2009 at one of the most reputable German drama schools, Theaterakademie August Everding, and got accepted right after his first try.  During his studies there he did partake in plays at both the Akademietheater and the Prinzregententheater.  Following a successful final showcase at his drama school, he was asked by the artistic director of the Theater Erlangen to join the ensemble there.  He took the chance and for two years, starting in 2013, he got to play leading characters in classical as well as in modern plays.  During those two years, he actually managed to tuck under his belt a whopping 14 different productions.  Meanwhile Patrick Nellessen has come back  to his home town Munich where he works as a freelance actor.  In 2016, he returned to the stage of Munich’s Metropol Theater for the highly successful production of Mnouchkine’s play “Die letzte Karawanserei” (dir.: Jochen Schölch).  Also, he was cast in another current production there, “Habe die Ehre” (dir.: Miguel Abrantes Ostrowski) which is the most fast-paced play I have ever come to see.

Let me say that Patrick Nellessen beautifully mastered his first film roles, one of which  deserves a special mention: his collaboration with director Sherry Hormann and DoP Michael Ballhaus.  In a favorable sense, you can picture the actor Patrick Nellessen as a self-questioning hero.  His work seems effortless and evermore focused.  If I were to pick the two traits I like most about Patrick, I’d pick his sincere honesty and distinct voice.

Patrick Nellessen in the movie Gipfelstürmer - Das Berginternat

First broadcast 2019
4th of April 2019 | 20:15 pm | Part 1 “Die Neue”
11th of April 2019 | 20:15 pm | Part 2 “Flieg Liv, flieg!”
on TV station ZDF

Director Jakob Schäuffelen



Patrick Nellessen

New photos!
February 2019
Photographer Carolin Tietz