Moritz Tittel in der ZDF Serie Der Alte

First Broadcast
April 19, 2019
20:15 | ZDF

Directed by Michael Kreindl


Florian Maria Sumerauer in the new TV series Reiterhof Wildenstein

First broadcast
Friday, May 10, 2019 at 8:15 pm Part 1 „Die Pferdeflüsterin“
Friday, May 17, 2019 at 8:15 pm Part 2 „Kampf um Jacomo!“
a new Bioskop production for the ARD

Directed by Vivian Naefe


Alexandra Fonsatti as a leading part in the series Alles was zählt

From 24. April 2019
7:05 pm on TV station RTL

Director u.a. Wolfgang Münstermann, Markus Hansen, Patricia Frey, Kathrin Schmid


Carlos Lobo in the ZDF TV series Matula - Tod auf Mallorca

First broadcast
April 19, 2019
21:15 | ZDF

Directed by Daniel Helfer


Laura Tashina took a bold step!

April 2019 a radical change,
she dares a new haircut and
the hair color is now brown!


Christoph Heininger with the new RTL Series Die Nachtschwestern

First Broadcast
from April 30, 2019
10 episodes

21:15 | RTL

Directed episode 1 to 4 Christoph Heininger

for UFA Serial Drama


Carlos Lobo in the TV series Der Alte

First broadcast
Episodes AMALIA
03. Mai 2019
20:15 Uhr | ZDF

Directed by Thomas Nennstiel


Lilly Forgách in the series Gipfelstürmer - Das Berginternat

First broadcast
Thursday 04. April 2019 at 8:15 pm Part 1 “Die Neue”
Thursday 11. April 2019 at 8:15 pm Part 2 “Flieg Liv, flieg!”
a all-in-production for TV station ZDF

Director Jakob Schäuffelen


Grimme Prize Nomination for Tatort - Der Mann, der lügt with Gisela Aderhold

On 05 April the 55th Grimme Prize will be awarded in Marl.

70 productions and individual performances are nominated for the 55th Grimme Prize 2019.
Start: 7:30 pm
Venue: Theater der Stadt Marl | Am Theater 1 | 45768 Marl


René Schoenenberger in the ARD TV series Kommissar Dupin

First broadcast
Episodes Bretonische Geheimnisse
Thursday, April 11, 2019
20:15 | ARD

Directed by Bruno Grass


Welcome Maria Walser!

April 2019
Welcome to our agency Maria!


Patrick Nellessen in the movie Gipfelstürmer - Das Berginternat

First broadcast 2019
4th of April 2019 | 20:15 pm | Part 1 “Die Neue”
11th of April 2019 | 20:15 pm | Part 2 “Flieg Liv, flieg!”
on TV station ZDF

Director Jakob Schäuffelen



Marisa Burger & Karin Thaler

freuen sich über die Nominierung
ihrer Serie “Die Rosenheim Cops”

Preisverleihung ist am Samstag, den
30. März 2019 um 20:15 Uhr live im ZDF


Butz Ulrich Buse in the movie Trautmann

Cinema release
Thursday 14. March 2019

Director Marcus H. Rosenmüller